La vita` e bella -Is Italian for LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL-

I remember you
Resting next to me. 
Your legs curled up
and my hands on your knee
I remember you
eyes held scrutiny. 
Always Observing my moves 
like none would have before. 
But that’s what I get. 
I couldn’t expect much more. 

Yeah, I remember you
Piercing me... every gaze
making my mouth water
yet holding back every taste. 
Owning all the space you took. 
I was so delighted, that space was by my side. 
My heart swelled, and exploded.
The girl who laid beside me then
wasn’t the girl I always drew. 
But regardless of that simple fact
it didn’t stop me from loving you.

Yeah… I remember you. 
Looking so uncomfortable there,
yet claiming to me more so than ever. 
remember you. 
Black wingsand horns. 
Angular hands, and thorns
Made me bleed, more than most would. 
Made me need more than any body should. 
Yeah… I remember you.



The smell of your breath,
And the taste of your fingers,
leave a trail of gold through my dreams
In time I will seek nothing more
But for now
my darling,
It is too cold to stay here

I fell in love with your whisper,
but your smile has always choked me
You stare at me
Your lipstick smeared
Tears in your eyes

You are so beautiful when your makeup runs

My darling.